Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Curse You, Lifetouch School Portraits!

We haven't taken church photos as a trio yet, but Char gets to take school pictures twice a year. That seems excessive to me. These picture packages aren't cheap, either. I wasn't too concerned about buying round two this year. The situation didn't seem very promising.

Charlotte insisted on picking out the cheesiest of the offered backgrounds, and she chose the unnatural pose where her hands are curled beneath her chin. On top of that, her second front tooth was about to fall out, and it jutted out of her smile at an odd angle. 

Confidentially, that tooth kind of freaked me out. I kept asking Char if she wanted me to pull it, but she would run away with her hand clamped over her mouth. Mom finally extracted the tooth during dance class.

Anyway, Charlotte came home with her pictures last night.  

What? This picture is way better than I expected! That weird tooth even looks cute. 

How much will this cost? Well, here's the deal. The company sends home five photo sheets with various picture sizes. You choose how many sheets you want. You return the unwanted photos with your payment, and then the company takes the unwanted pictures of your child and sends them to a shredder. 

This isn't an order form, it's a ransom note!


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