Friday, May 20, 2016

6 Days to Go

Char's kindergarten class took a trip to the zoo yesterday, but I couldn't go to that. So, no zoo pictures to share.

I was able to take Charlotte to a new class last night, though.

Char has been asking to take a martial arts class for some time. It's not surprising, children's literature and entertainment is filled with martial art themes.


We enrolled Char in a "Little Ninjas" class to give her something new to do since ballet is over. She was so pumped to go to her 6:00 class, but when we got to the elementary gym where the class was held, she was became nervous and then outright afraid. She wouldn't let go of my waist. I tried to explain this was going to be a combination of ballet and P.E., but that didn't calm her fears.

I went with her when the Little Ninjas were called to the line. I moved a few steps back after five minutes, and I was standing against the wall with the other parents after ten minutes. Char was on her own and doing her best.

Here she is listening to Mr. Green.

They didn't mess around. In no time they had Char doing snap kicks and learning the correct way to make a fist.

I can see similarities between martial arts and dance. Both require learning how to control the body and learning how and where the body needs to be positioned. 

I was even more impressed with the principles that the instructors began teaching the kids. More than once they explained how important it is to practice courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and to have an indomitable spirit. 

"Do you make a fist when you are angry? No! That never makes you feel better. You have to have self-control!"

"Should you should show your friends at school how you can kick them? Never! You have to behave with courtesy!"

Nice. Very nice.

Daphne's band had their last concert last night, so I got to put Charlotte to bed by myself. After running around the zoo all day, and then going to Little Ninjas in the evening, Char was wiped out. I read her two stories, tucked the covers around her, and kissed her on her forehead. I told her, "Goodnight, my little ninja."

Charlotte beamed and closed her eyes. Then she rolled over and whispered to her pillow, "Best dad ever."

Yes, I think we all are going to like the martial arts.

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