Monday, May 23, 2016

5 Days to Go

V is for Video Day. I can't share pics of that, so here are some from Saturday.

We were in South Dakota last weekend for my niece's graduation party. The three of us stayed with our friends Rob and Nichole. On Nichole's suggestion, we all went to the Butterfly House & Marine Cove.

It's pretty cool when you can be inside an aquarium and not get wet. (These photos were taken by Rob.)

One of the butterflies in the house was partial to the "flowers" in Char's hair. She was pretty excited a butterfly picked her for a landing spot.

They had some other creatures in the Reading Room. Here's Charlotte with Charlotte the tarantula. 

I suppose it makes sense to name the tarantula in the Reading Room after a famous literary character, but it didn't make me like the spider any more. Those things creep me out.

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