Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Holiday Battle Goes to...

"The town was full of fences to walk on, and sidewalks to skate on, and the muted cries of laughter of boys and girl full of costume dreams and pumpkin spirits preparing for the greatest night of the year.
Better than Easter.
Better than Christmas.

Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree screenplay

Charlotte will have to disagree with Mr. Bradbury on this one. Without even discussing religion, she thinks Easter beats Halloween. 

Both holidays require dressing up (it is okay if you like to wear your sweater backwards).

Both holidays feature people in costume.

Both holidays require candy bags.

And, of course, both holidays come with copious amounts candy.

But Halloween doesn't bring in this much of a haul.

Saturday morning after the Easter egg hunt at the church:

Plus Sunday morning after the Easter egg hunt at home:

Holy cow. Easter wins! (And so does the dentist.)

Plus,  you have to go to bed after Halloween. You can to go to a park and work off all that sugar after an Easter egg hunt.

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