Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Just When You Think You Are Ahead...

Charlotte's elementary school has been celebrating the "Twelve Days of Cheer."  Char gets really excited to dress up for each day's theme. Yesterday was Hawaiian Day. Char and her mom spent quite a bit of time on picking out clothes and accessories to go along with them on Sunday night. In the end, Char had two outfits to pick from, and she wanted to wait until morning to make the final decision.

Daphne leaves early on Monday mornings, so it was up to me to get Char ready. The first thing I did was to get Char to choose an outfit. Once she was dressed and her breakfast was eaten, we got on our coats and shoes and headed for the car. 

Usually we pull out of the garage at 7:04. I don't know how it's possible, but even if we put on our shoes at 6:55, something happens and by the time I lock her seat belt, it's 7:04. It's like we get sucked into a third dimension time vacuum, and we get spit out at the exact same point. This morning was different, however. The dashboard clock read 7:02 when I put the car in reverse. Two minutes early! I felt like a boss.

Charlotte still goes to Kim for daycare until school starts at 9:00. When I gave Char her goodbye hug at Kim’s, Charlotte tugged on my sleeve and asked me, “Dad? Did you forget my accessories?”

I had. 

Her ring, headband, bracelets, necklace, and flower were still on the bathroom counter. Dangit! I thought I was doing so well! At first I tried to include her in the blame, "Why didn't you say something when I asked if you were ready?" But I quickly owned up to my mistake. I told her I was sorry, but I had to go to school. I couldn't be late on finals week. She looked very disappointed, but honestly, she took it pretty well. 

By the time I entered the school at 7:21, I realized that the first period exam didn’t start until 8:15. More than once my principal has said that he understands that mistakes happen, and you can be late once in awhile if you have to get something that you forgot. I figured this fell under that category, and I ran to my car. I timed the drive from the moment I left the school grounds - it was a 13-minute one-way trip. I sprinted through the house, scooped all the accessories into a stocking hat, and flew down the stairs. I got back to Kim’s by 7:55, and I was in school building by 8:03. I even did one lap of my hall duty before the first testing period started. Whew!

You should have seen how big my girl’s smile was when I showed up with the forgotten gear. She was on the couch watching TV. I placed the hat in Char's lap, and she said with wonder, "Dad... You came back. Thank you!" Her tone made every stressful second worth it. 

Kim's email with pictures of a Hula-dancing Charlotte popped up on my desktop when I opened my computer to take roll.

I don't think I'll be crowned Dad of the Year anytime soon, but it sure made me feel good knowing I fixed my mistake. 

Accessories are a big deal.

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