Monday, December 14, 2015

Busy Weekend

Charlotte's dance team performed at the mall on Friday night. I can help getting Char dressed, but Daphne gets the hair duty.

I was always a worry wart when it came to any type of public performance, but Charlotte didn't inherit that from me. First, she put her jacket on backwards.

Then she posed for a few pictures with friends that were equally nervous.

I didn't have very good a spot for filming, but here's the end of their dance.

Char gets to pick where we eat after a performance. She chose Tsing Tsao because she loves their eggdrop soup. Here she's playing with twist ties while we wait for our food.

Our tiny dancer chose frozen yogurt for dessert.

Grandma Betty visited for an early Christmas on Saturday.

Char couldn't wait for Grandma to see how her presents were wrapped, "I bowed them, Grandma!"

How many facial expressions does it take to open a present? Let's find out.

Some gingerbread construction also took place.

We had the Christmas Pagent at our church on Sunday. Charlotte was an angel. Again, she was really nervous.

Check out the chime action!

"Glooooohohohoreeeeeaaaaaah! In eggshell shes day oh!"

Instead of soup, Char was rewarded with some lap time with Grandma.

They also spent time reading books in Char's tent.

Later in the afternoon, Char did a ballet pose in front of the "new" pinball project that I brought home.

More on this later.

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