Monday, November 2, 2015

See You in Six Months

Charlotte has been excited about going to the Science Center of Iowa for weeks. On Saturday they opened the Geometry Playground, and they were also having "Spooky Science" exhibits for Halloween.

Bat Girl was pumped to explore the geometric bat caves, but she was disappointed that you had to be seven in bat years to play on the main geometrical structure. 

It was pretty cool when the Spooky Scientists sealed a bowl full of dry ice with a bubble.

What do you call wearing a mask over your mask? Politics? I don't know, but it's cute.

Char thought that the round mirror experiments were fascinating. 

Before we went into the Science Center we strolled through the neighboring Farmers' Market. It was the last market of the season, and so it was our last chance to enjoy some of our favorite foods. I didn't mind Saturday's gloomy weather. It's easier to say goodbye when the wind and the cold speed you on your way.

Here's my final bite of a Chef Steve's pork kabob.

The last of the poffertjes went down easy.

Daphne got the last bite of our BLT pita.

The pita and the poffertjes were made by the people who run the Breakfast Delights stand. They have great food and are great people. They personify what makes the Downtown Farmers' Market so special.

By the time we left the Science Center all the market venders were gone, and the parked cars had reclaimed their territory.

I might have been sad at the thought of not eating down here for half a year, but then I remembered all that Halloween candy that Char has left. I'm not above raiding that bowl! Let's go home!

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