Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Charlotte had a very disappointing Halloween last year. We spent a couple of weeks making Char's original super hero costume, the Pink Spider, a reality. Here she is wearing it at the Blank Park Zoo's "Night Eyes" event.

Charlotte thought she looked pretty tough and scary, but the real monster on Halloween night was her fever, a thief that stole a night of trick and treating from her childhood.

I blogged about that hollow ween last year, and I ended the post with this:

By 7:45 the streets were dark and so was Char's bedroom. It was a tough night, but little kids are surprisingly resilient. Despite her bitter disappointment, Charlotte hasn't lost her faith in the holiday. Before she went to bed Charlotte told me, "Next year I want to be a Bat Girl."

Four-year-olds are awesome.

Fast forward 365.24 days later, and here's Char at this year's "Night Eyes". True to her word, Charlotte was a Bat Girl. She painted the wings herself.

Tonight our church and two others are holding a "Trunk or Treat" party for their kids, and Des Moines' official night for tricks and treats is Friday night. Here's hoping we all stay healthy! 

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