Thursday, October 15, 2015

Let's Go Get a Washcloth, Honey (Part 2)

We were in Minnesota last month for my cousin's wedding. Daphne is really good about researching the cities we are going to visit, and she found a children's museum near our hotel.

Rochester's museum is basically a big room with stations for activities and dress up. In September the theme was the Middle Ages. Char tried her hand at blacksmithing, but she was happier serving us Middle Aged fare.

"Would you like mutton with that?"

We were in the museum for over an hour. And wouldn't you know it? We were mere steps from the front door when a small group of girls emerged from the back room with their faces painted. Char's eye lit up when she saw the painted ladies, and immediately the plans for exiting the building were nixed. 

Dang it! I'm not a fan of face paint. When the paint dries it makes her face itch, and the paint gets all over her clothes, her hands, and her car seat. But, whatever. Go for it, babe.

There wasn't an adult applying the paint this time. This was a DYI station. Let's see how she did.

A masterpiece! That will look great at the wedding...

Charlotte ate her first role of lefse while we were at the farmers' market. Her Norwegian ancestors were swelling with pride when she announced, "I really like it!"

Char kept her face painted while we shopped at the Great Harvest Bread Company (we had a store in Des Moines, but it closed).  She decided it time to wash off her artwork after other shoppers gave her a few too many side-glances. Time to head back to the hotel for that washcloth.

I like to check the local indie paper or entertainment guide to see what's happening when we're in a new town. They really are valuable resources, and I usually find at least one thing to visit or do.

 This looks like fun.

We knew we made a good choice as soon as we spotted these Irish Wolfhounds. 

Daphne knows the three little words that mean so much to me. She whispered them to me as we passed this sign.

"On a stick."

While I was waiting for my pork chop, Daphne and Charlotte were in line to get those sliders and chips.

Thank goodness it wasn't windy.

Let's zoom in.

After all that meat it was time to get a salad.

Not really. I still had to drive to the wedding.


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