Friday, May 12, 2017

Whew! That was Quite a Weekend

(I could have broken this large post into smaller portions, but I wanted this to be as long as the weekend felt.)

Last weekend's weather made it feel like we had already reached summer, and we sure took advantage of it. Charlotte was outside for most of the daylight.

Saturday started off with the opening of the Downtown Farmers' Market.  We got down there early, but it was still crowded.

Our first stop was at the Breakfast Delights stand. Charlotte and Maggie could hardly wait to start a new season of eating poffertjes. 

The adults passed a sausage breakfast sandwich back and forth.

Daphne and I shared a poutine on last year's closing day, and we both thought adding a fried egg to the poutine would be unhealthy, but it would probably help warm up the cheese curds. 

Six months later, we found out we were right. We went for the morel mushroom poutine. So good.

One of Charlotte's favorite treats is a snow cone. I think she likes the "special effects" tounge that it leaves behind.

We left the market around 11, and by noon we were at the 3rd annual "Kites on the Green" event at the common area near the Johnston Public Library. This was the first time we attend the event, and I have to say it was pretty impressive. The kites on display were more like hot air balloons. 

We told Charlotte that this was the only way we ever wanted to see her in a police car.

I also told her this is the only way I wanted her to her have a tattoo. Nice hats, by the way.

Fire Truck!

Ummm. I'm not sure what is going on here. The Police Force Awakens?

We brought Charlotte's Lady Bug kite. It was swag from a birthday party last year.

After a half hour of flying her kite, Char got tired, but she wasn't ready ready to bring the kite back to earth. Mom made for a good backrest.

We left the Green around 2:30, and at 3:00 we parted ways. Daphne and her mom enjoyed going to Pella for the Tulip Festival, and Daphne has started that tradition with Charlotte. I opted out, so I could work in the garage.

I bought a project pinball machine last December, but it was too cold in garage to work on it. There isn't that excuse now. The previous owner purchased the Criterium 75 in the late 70s, but he hadn't actually played it because it never worked. So, I have no idea what I'm up against. Might as well find out.

I cleaned the switches and stepper units in the back box and repaired obvious solder problems.

I pulled the bottom board out of the lower cabinet, and I tackled the switches there. 

I bought a replacement coil for a burned one, and once that arrives (eBay predicts Saturday), I'll install the coil and put the bottom board back in here.

Then I'll work on the bottom side of the playfield. 

All of this work might be for naught, but I hope to get this machine working before the end of May. We'll see. I haven't shown you the playfield because that's a different can of worms.

I do like the bicycle theme.

I asked Charlotte to take some pictures of the Tulip Festival with her camera, and she came home with 140 pictures. Holy cow. Here are my favorites in no particular order.

We headed over to Adventureland on Sunday after church. The park was supposed to open last weekend, but it was too rainy.

I have a feeling that this is the last year I'll take pictures of Charlotte on these rides. She barely fits.

Look at those two girls on the right.

Daphne and I took turns riding with Charlotte on Der Flinger. Man, I hate that ride. I get nauseous just looking at this picture.

Can we go back in time to when Charlotte only wanted to ride the Ladybugs, and we stood on the sidelines and waved? No, we can not.

We left the park at 3:30, picked up some groceries for the week, and I went to bed at 9:45. I haven't gone to bed that early since I was sick. If this is what summer is going to be like, then I'm in trouble.

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