Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Farmers' Market Stranger Danger

There are just three days until the Downtown Farmers' Market opens!

Our dog, Maggie, can't wait. Like the rest of the Monsons, she loves the farmers' market. 

What are you waiting for, Dad? Let's go!

When we are downtown, I am prepared for strangers to approach us and ask questions about Maggie. Being a Great Pyrenees, she's large, white, and smiles the way only happy dogs can smile. Dog people often stop and want to know her breed, age, and how much she sheds. Most compliment us on her demeanor and after a quick pat, they continue on their way. It is nice.

But sometimes strangers initiate conversations that get uncomfortable. One woman told us her Great Pyrenees had recently ran away, and when she started talking about how her husband, "... wasn't ready for a new p -p -puppy..." she broke down crying. 

Another woman said her family watched as their dog was hit by the children's school bus as it stopped at their mailbox. Since she was a teacher, and it was too late to get a substitute, she had to grab a shovel and quickly bury the dog behind the barn before going to school covered in dirt, blood, and tears.

What do you say to those stories? Especially when you're holding a delicious slice of coffee cake? It is awkward.

What is worse is when people stalk our dog. On the first stop they learn the basics, and then later they run over saying, "Hi Maggie! Did you want another pet from me?" When they jump us the third time, they say, "Oh look. Maggie missed me! Come 'ere you big lover. You love me Maggies don't 'cho? Don't 'cho love me Maggies?" 

Maggie is mostly patient with these people, but when they start hinting that our dog would really prefer to go home with them instead of us... It is time for us to leave.

Usually, I'm covered with little crumbs of food and BBQ sauce, so I don't need to get their crazy on me, too.

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