Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Three Times The Fun

I’m not a big fan of looking at myself, and I really don't enjoy staring at the mirror across from me when I get my hair cut. I just sit there, watching the gray hair clippings pile up in my lap and think, "Brent, you look old." or "Brent, you look old and fat."

I'm also not a big fan of pictures of myself. I remember school pictures being such a source of anxiety. They're just so permanent. You look up, flash your best smile, and the next second is going to be the one image people will have of you at that age for the rest of your life.

Thank goodness driver license photos are destroyed every five years. I recently realized that my license had expired back in July. Luckily, in Iowa, you now have a year to renew without taking the driver's test again (again, talk about anxiety).

Anyway, we took the family down to the DOT where I stood in line, sat, stood in line, sat, and stood in line again. When my time came to stand in front of the "photographer", I stood on the "x", looked up at the "x" on the camera, and screwed my face into its best effort. The gal behind the camera then threw me a curve ball. Without even a hint of humor, she barked, "Smile with your mouth CLOSED!" Surprised, I pulled my face back, gave myself a double chin, and squeezed my lips together.

The flashed popped, the woman yelled "Next!", and Daphne later asked me why I had made such a weird face.

Thanks to the new license design there's not just one of these babies on there, but three! Helloooo, gorgeous!

Now I can't wait for this year's school picture to come in.

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