Friday, February 19, 2016

Half Full

Charlotte turned five years old only a few days before kindergarten began, so she's pretty young for her class. It bothers her that many of the students in her class are six years old, or are turning six.

We can't do anything about the August birthday, so I like to make her focus on her half birthday. She doesn't get presents, but I make a big deal about how much she's growing up, and she gets to pick where we eat on February 18. This year she picked the Triple Crown Buffet at Prarie Medows.

If you think that eating at a buffet is gross and that you're above such things, that's okay. You weren't invited to our little party, anyway.

One does not have to miss out on gymnastics just because one is waiting in line.

Charlotte declared that she was now old enough to carry her own plate. She also used the buffet's utensils to fill her plate by herself. This is what five and a half-year-old pride looks like.

What? No meat? Dad is disappointed. Oops! I take it back. I see ham. Carry on.

Hey Char, how old are you, again?

"The thumb means 'half', Dad"

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