Friday, January 8, 2016

It's on the Board

The Grand Prix pinball machine is up and running. That's more of a testament to its condition than it is to my repair skills.

Reviving the Royal Flush was quite an endeavor. Looking back at the experience, I might think that I should not have bought it. The machine was in such a sad state, and I'll never get back the money I put into the Royal Flush. But on the other hand, I don't think a better machine would have taught me as much. That's how these things work. One man's trash is another man's education.

The Grand Prix was popping fuses like a popcorn machine when I first turned it on. I eventually found the wires that had been incorrectly connected (by me), and I could keep the power on and try a game. Luckily, most of the machine's functions were operational. The match, knocker, and right slingshot didn't work. It was also stuck on a four-player game. Those were the major problems. Minor problems included rotten rubber, dim or broken light bulbs, and rusty legs.

The wire brush on the bench grinder, a wire brush attachment for a cordless drill, steel wool, and chrome polish left the legs in a respectable condition.

With the help of the members of and, I'm on my last problem. I can't play a two-player game. I can play a one-player, a three-player, and a four-player game. Since I can count on one hand how many times I've played a two-player game in the Sad Club arcade, this problem has taken a back seat to cleaning and playing the Gran Prix.  You might be surprised how many minor problems are solved by simply playing the game over and over.

Edit: I fixed the 2-player problem late Saturday night. I took the player's unit in the back box apart and scrubbed the rivets with 600 grit sandpaper. I can now play a 1, 2, 3, or 4 player game without a problem. I cleaned the unit once before, but not well enough.

Here's the Grand Prix.

The Sad Club Pinball Arcade is full at the moment. I can't fit another pin in the room or in my budget. I'll probably change the lineup as time goes on, but four games is my maximum (my fingers are crossed behind my back).

You can come over and play if you need some old pinball comfort.

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