Monday, May 4, 2015

Pinball Update: A Small Modification

This is the credit button on my pinball machine. I bent a switch on the credit unit to be permanently closed, and now the machine is set to "free play".

In my hand (on the left) you can see the metal strap that holds the credit button's spring in place.  On the right you can see the clear plastic strap I bought from Pinball Resource.

I also bought a light socket from Pinball Resource. I installed the plastic strap, attached the socket behind it, soldered two wires to the socket, and connected those wires to the light that already illuminates a 25 cent coin slot.

Now when I turn on my machine, the red button lights up.

 I think it looks pretty neat in the dark.

The best part of the project was when I showed Daphne and Charlotte. Char exclaimed, "Cool light, Dad!" and Daphne added, "Yeah, that is pretty neat."

Not bad for a $2 investment.

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