Monday, September 28, 2015

Now You See It

Adventureland is now closed for the year, but we made it there on Saturday to use up the remaining points on Char's arcade card.

The new arcade that replaced the one that burned down doesn't really match my idea of an arcade. Most of the video games are gone, and what is there is inappropriate for children. Where are the pinball machines?

Instead they have "spin to win" games that are basically a watered down version of gambling devises. Instead of money you win credits that are redeemable for junky prizes. The larger your number of credits, the larger your piece of junk.

Char tried the pirate spinning game. In an incredible stroke of luck, the wheel stopped at the 1000 tickets mark. Look how close we were to missing it.

I'm sorry, Charlotte. You only get that kind of luck once in your life, and you used it all up when you were five... Surprisingly, 1000 tickets doesn't get you as much junk as you'd think, but it was more than we wanted to cart around the park. We told Char she could redeem half of the tickets that day, and then we'd come back to use the rest.

This time Charlotte picked out two "My Little Pony" ripoffs that were made in China. The "Lovely Ponies" are already losing their manes.

I went over to check on the Log Ride while Char took her last bounce on the Froghopper. In July the Log Ride looked like this.

On Saturday it looked like this.

Whoa! I expecting to see a "Ride Closed" sign, not this huge hole.

Apparently The Monster, the new roller coaster that will fill this void, will have its track loop around the Skyride baskets. That's great. As if riding in a flimsy Skyride basket with a small child wasn't terrifying enough, now we'll have people screaming at us from upside down. Oh yeah, that will be an improvement.

Log Ride, I'm gonna miss you. Here's Daphne and I back in 2007 celebrating our first day of summer vacation with you.

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