Thursday, September 17, 2015

A bunch of pictures of food we ate this summer...

I have no idea why I'm posting this, but then again, why not?

Here's Char snacking on a meat stick taken from a large package that I received for my birthday. My family knows me well.

Birthday lunch at the Prairie Meadows dinner buffet. Pork, poultry, beef, bread, and butter: all the food groups are accounted for and not a veggie in sight... Hey! I think I spy an onion ring under that cheese curd. How did that vegetable get on the plate? Well, thank goodness it's fried.

Birthday pie.

Adventurland onion rings.

Yet another steak dinner I prepared for myself when I was home alone. The onion and portobello mushroom are garnish.

Street tacos in Oceanside, California.

Fish Taco. Not mine. I don't do fish tacos. I like fish, but I think fish should be happy being itself and stop trying to pretend to be something it's not.

"Hi, I'm Fish, and I'll be your dinner tonight." Okay.
"Hi, I'm Fish and I, er, no. I mean, I'm Taco, and I'll be your dinner that tastes mostly like fish tonight." Not okay.

Mickey cookie. That shape cannot be escaped in Disneyland.

Legoland chili dog (mine).

Legoland healthy lunch (Char's).

Legoland deep fried apple sticks and whipped cream  (all of us). I don't know why this isn't offered at the Iowa State Fair.

Breakwater Brewing's pizza pies:

The guys who worked at ZigZag Pizza moved kinda slow, but they didn't seem to let that bother them. As we walked away from the counter Daphne whispered, "Do you think these people are on something?"
I replied, "Well, this place is called ZigZag."

As you'd expect, it was good pizza.

Breakfast at the Iowa State Fair (turkey sausage wrapped in fried pancake batter).

Mini cinnamon buns are also a great way to start the day.

Iowa State Fair "Fair Square" (aka Rice Crispy Treats that are the Size of Your Head on-a-stick ).

Iowa State Fair "Donut Sundae" (It's a cinnamon sugar donut sliced in half and filled with ice cream and topped with sundae topping and whip cream.)

Iowa State Fair's "Corn in a Cup" ( It's corn mixed with pork chorizo, butter, chayote cheese, lime juice, sour cream, mayo, and "Magic Dust". Magic Dust?)

Daph's and Char's attempt to eat healthier fair food: a peanut butter sandwich and a salad (both on-a-stick).

I was having none of that and instead ate the deep fried nacho balls.

Popcorn Ball on-a-stick. It stayed on that stick about three more seconds. Not very good example of effective stickness if you ask me. They should have been honest and called it, "Popcorn Ball soon-to-be-on-the-ground". After it fell, we told Char we could pull off the dirty side, and it would be still good. We're getting better at this parent-thing.

Now that summer is over, we diet. 

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