Monday, August 31, 2015

Friends in Low Places

Sometimes I toss Char a joke, and she runs with it to parts unknown. Here's an example.

We went shopping on Saturday, and the back of Daphne's car was filling up with all the super-sized items we bought at Costco. To make room, I took the package of 30 toilet paper rolls and placed it in the seat next to Char. I told her, "On the way home you get to sit next to Toilet Paper Man!"

She smiled and giggled. Then Char started talking about Toilet Paper Man. All the way home she told us about the things he likes to do: shop at the store, run at the park, play at the zoo, and he especially likes to get his haircut. She created a voice for him, and had him answer her questions.

"Am I your new friend Toilet Paper Man?" she asked the plastic wrap.
"Yes Charlotte," Char lowered her voice and shook the bag with her hand, "You are my best friend!"

After a 20-minute drive, I thought Char would be tired of Toilet Paper Man, but as soon as we brought him in, she wanted to start working on his haircut. I had no clue what she meant.

She first requested colored paper, which she cut into strips. "I loooove to cut paper!" Char sang as she worked the scissors. Char then asked if would I help her tape the strips onto Toilet Paper Man's head. "Don't forget the sides," she crooned.

Soon it was time for his haircut.

"Doesn't he look good?"

Char gave Toilet Paper Man a face, and then slicked him up with some stickers. Later in the evening she brought him down into the basement. She didn't want him to miss "movie night" with the family. He even has his own chair.

 Has a package of toilet paper ever been so loved? I doubt it. I think that smile is actually real.  

When we walked upstairs to put Char to bed, I thought I heard Toilet Paper Man whisper in the dark, "Thank you, Charlotte... I never thought I'd find a friend."

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