Thursday, June 1, 2017

"How We Spent Our Summer" by Brent and Maggie (An Email Reprint)

(This is from August, 2010)

I can sum up how I spent a majority of my summer in two words: "truck ride".

After a long summer training run, it would usually be so hot that if I was to shower right away I'd just be sweating again as soon as I stepped out of the stall, and I hate that. So instead, I'd cool off first by taking our dog Maggie for a quick drive around Saylorville Lake.

I don't know how it is at your house, but every saying we have for our pets gets shortened down to the bare minimum over time. Instead of hunting down Maggie and asking her, "Hey big girl! Do you want to come along and go for a ride in the truck with me?" I now just yell, "Truck ride!" from the garage. It's not like word choice matters, you put those two words anywhere near each other in a sentence and you'll be soon tackled by an overexcited, 95 pound, four-legged hitchhiker.

Although it's not the safest picture to take, I wanted to show you what I see in the passenger door mirror when I'm driving Maggie around:

Since my shedding passenger doesn't care about conversation or music quality, I'll pass the drive time with a random sampler or library CD. (Really, is there a better place to listen to music than in the car?)  Amongst the audio junk, I'll usually find some cool song - proving my theory that most records have at least one interesting track. Let's say these songs come from my "Dog Days of Summer Soundtrack".

Here's one Maggie and I listened to a lot while cruising through the Saylorville campgrounds:

Link: Chasing You Around

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